Darius Cordell mostly sell formal dresses for the mothers of the wedding.  Normally the women who are MOB clients want clothing that is unique and not frumpy.  They are not looking for the traditional style dress that mothers normally wear to weddings.  All of the custom mother of the bride dresses that we produce can be executed with any change that a consumer needs.  So if you see a strapless evening gown knows that it can be made with a coat jacket with sleeves to your liking.  The designs shown here can also be made a s a 2pc or 3 piece ensemble.  The most popular mother of the bride dresses have been the floor length ball gowns with a 3/4 sleeve.  But your garments can be made however you prefer.  For more insight on how we can produce custom mother of the bride dresses here in Texas when you are in a different state just contact us directly.


Featured here are hundreds of designer wedding dresses that can be personalized and created specifically for you. We also offer totally custom made wedding dresses that are crafted to the individual bride. Let us know what portions of the dress you like and we can create the design based on that information. Or we can design and sketch a design for you based on all the information we obtain from you. We can also replicate a haute couture gown from a picture. So if your dream dress is out of your price range we can help. Just email us a picture and we will get back with you on pricing and options.


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